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  • Johnny,” a poem from the audio version of White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems
  • Chicken Lips,” a poem from the audio version of the children’s book If I Were, I Would!
  • Frogger,” an instrumental from WindPoem I, Native American Flute Meditations

Older downloads still available:

  • Fear on Demand podcast featuring short story “Screamer
  • Tales to Terrify podcast featuring short story “Rise Up” 
  • Bonus: “Aqualung,” an audio play consisting of narration and the songs “Aqualung,” “Slipstream,” and “Locomotive Breath.” All narration and songs written by Ian Anderson and Jenny Anderson, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull, the band that adopted the name of a 17th century grizzled European farmer/inventor. Cymbals on “Aqualung” provided by Tegan Fuqua, drums on “Aqualung” provided by Apple’s Bandcamp, piano and drums on “Locomotive Breath” provided by two kind, anonymous souls on the internet, and public domain sound effects (wind, park, etc.) provided by Freesound.org and Garageband. All other instrumentation by C.S. Fuqua.