Dick Claassen, author/musician

Under the direction of master flautist and instructor Dick claassen, PlayFolkInstruments.com is dedicated to increasing accessability to the Native American flute. Dick has penned several instruction books on learning and playing the Native American flute, banjo, and ukulele, the most comprehensive, understandable, and fun books in the field. If you love folk music and want to know more about it, PlayFolkInstruments.com is the place to visit.

Richy Campbell, author

Richy Campbell capture’s special moments in his poems with the goal to make sense of “all of this.” His latest collection is Lovely Peripheries, available from Live Canon. A Staffordshire native, Richy is a coeditor of Sideways Poetry Magazine and resides in south Manchester. His work has recently appeared in Under the Radar, and Ink, Sweat and Tears. You can find more about him at www.richycampbell.com. He also exists on Twitter, specifically at @richyacampbell.

Yvon Hintz, author

Yvon1Yvon has been writing stories since she was a child, starting her epic Half Horse series when she was nineteen. As much as weaving stories—as she describes it—she loves to edit. She has edited stories for others as well as her own. 

Yvon  is also an artist who illustrates some of her stories and creates covers for them, as well as covers for friends’ novels. 

Some of Yvon’s favorite things include science fiction, cats, dragons, travel and watching movies and documentaries. She’s published numerous novels, including Half Horse—The Quinolan Qhronicles (12 books), Hyper Space Key Trilogy: Skypuddle, Arim’s Dark Star, Hyper Space Key, Blood Dr
Bottle of Jin D.N.O., 
TANDDIS series (Time and No Damn Direction in Space), Creepy, Suki and Silk, and Pinhead of Angels.

Visit her on the web at https://blackdragonreads.weebly.com/ and http://members.iinet.net.au/~dominion_nbn/index.html.


J.D. Fox, musician

frittsJan De Vos, aka JD Fox, is one of Belgium’s premier rockers, having served as drummer for The Machines, Belgium’s number one pop band, from the late 1970s through the early 1980s. In 1989, he joined Derek & The Dirt, a heavy rock outfit that recorded four albums before his departure. In 1991, he became a singer-guitarist, combining American roots music with French lyrics, recording an album with the band Paris Texas and three solo records.

Shortly after what he thought would be retirement from the music business in 2007, Fox contacted Muscle Shoals songwriter Spooner Oldham and hooked up with the Sunset Travelers, Holland’s finest roots band. Together, they recorded The Roadmaster, a tribute to Oldham with songs that speak for themselves—no sophisticated arrangements, no big production, no vocal acrobatics.

In 2016, Fox released My Friend, his homage to another Muscle Shoals legend, Donnie Fritts. This time, he decided to go further back to his musical roots. With friends from Belgium, he formed The Velvet Street Band (the name refers to the address of the home studio where the album was recorded), an outfit that primarily plays acoustic instruments. The album also features Bonnie Fuqua, performing the spoken vocal on the title song, “My Friend.”

 To purchase these albums, please visit the JD Fox website for more information.