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The last Chin Music Shuffle newsletter of 2017 is devoted to outstanding, talented musicians and authors whose work I hope you’ll check out soon. May the upcoming holiday season and year ahead be the best yet for you and yours. Stay safe. Be good to one another. Happy reading and listening…



Jan De Vos, aka JD Fox—former drummer for The Machines, Belgium’s number one pop band from the late 1970s through the 1980s—is one of Belgium’s premier recording artists. Following his stint in The Machines, he joined Derek & The Dirt, a heavy rock band that recorded four albums before his departure. In 1991, he became a singer-guitarist, combining American roots music with French lyrics, recording an album with the band Paris Texas, followed by three solo records. After a brief retirement from the music business, Fox contacted Muscle Shoals songwriter Spooner Oldham in 2007 and hooked up with the Sunset Travelers, Holland’s finest roots band, to produce The Roadmaster, a tribute to Oldham with songs that speak for themselves—no sophisticated arrangements, no big production, no vocal acrobatics—just good music. In 2016, Fox released My Friend, his homage to another Muscle Shoals legend, Donnie Fritts. For My Friend, he decided to explore his musical roots, forming The Velvet Street Band (the name refers to the home studio address where the album was recorded), comprised of fellow Belgium musicians who play primarily acoustic instruments. The album also features Bonnie Fuqua, performing spoken vocal on the title song “My Friend.” To purchase these albums, please visit the JD Fox website for more information.



Author Rick Kennett is one of Australia’s best known and most talented writers of ghost stories, science fiction, and dark fantasy. One of his most popular and critically acclaimed short works is “Out of the Storm,” a haunting tale involving the missing minesweeper-corvette HMAS Barrinji, appearing in Terror Australis, the Best of Australian Horror. Rick’s available work includes the short story collections Thirty Minutes for New Hell and The Dark and What It Said, and the novels Presumed Dead, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and In Quinn’s Paddock, all available through most bookstores and directly from Amazon.com. Please visit the Official Rick Kennett Website for more information and a complete listing of his work.



Mike Suchcicki, a former newspaper editor with more than 30 years in the business (visit his personal website), and his son Joe head Ghoulash Games, “an ever-so-tiny game design studio in Florida,” creating wonderful, family-oriented games. GHOULASH: The Last Game on Earth is an exciting, fast-paced game for 2-4 players in which players battle giant, green, deadly monsters called Ghouls to determine the fate of the human race. Read all about the game at its home site, Ghoulash.com. Their latest game, Mike & Joe’s Card Game, is a fast-paced challenge for 2-6 players that combines THREE GAMES into one madcap session—a word-construction game, a card-battle game, and a board game! The game board and dice are on the cards. The object is to be the first player to gather seven cards of the same color-suit. Read more about the game on Mike & Joe’s Card Game website.



Under the direction of master Native American flute musician, author, and instructor Dick ClaassenPlayFolkInstruments.com is dedicated to increasing accessibility to the Native American flute. Dick has penned several instruction books on learning and playing the Native American flute, banjo, and ukulele—the most comprehensive, understandable, and fun books available. Titles include Earth Flute, Hymns for the Native American Flute, Meditative Flute, Christmas Carols on the Native American flute, Blues on the Native American flute, and 5-String Banjo: Hot and Wild. If you love folk music and Native American flute music and want to know more about it, PlayFolkInstruments.com is the place to go.



Author Yvon Hintz has been writing stories since she was a child, starting her epic Half Horse series when she was nineteen. As much as weaving stories—as she describes it—she loves to edit and has provided editing services for many other writers. Yvon is also an artist who illustrates her stories and creates cover illustrations for her own books and the books of other writers. Some of Yvon’s favorite things include science fiction, cats, dragons, travel, and watching movies and documentaries. She’s published numerous novels, including Half HorseThe Quinolan Qhronicles (12 books), Hyper Space Key Trilogy—Skypuddle, Arim’s Dark Star, Hyper Space Key—Blood Dragons, Bottle of Jin D.N.O., the TANDDIS (Time and No Damn Direction in Space) series , Creepy, Suki and Silk, and Pinhead of AngelsVisit her on the web.



John McVey, dubbed by one Texas journalist as “Houston’s hottest guitarist,” headed for Arkansas from Pensacola, Florida, after graduating high school in 1974, where he began to develop his signature style of guitar work before migrating to Texas to establish himself and his band, the Stumble, as one of the state’s most popular blues groups. Mentored by blues legends Larry Davis and Albert King, John released his debut album Gone To Texas in 2002. John and the Stumble then backed Erin Jaimes on her debut album You Had to Go in 2004. John’s second CD, Road House Stomp, was recorded at Dan Electro’s in Houston and released in 2009. John currently lives and performs in the St. Louis, Missouri, and Southern Illinois area. John’s CDs are available at Amazon.com. Keep up to date by signing up at his website.



Tony Nesca and Nicole I. Nesca head Screamin’ Skull Press, a publishing house featuring fearless writers of poetry with Beat style roots. For the Beat Generation, controversy was the norm, not the exception. Living on society’s fringes was considered to be more exciting and fulfilling than conforming to the mainstream. Tony and Nicole feel connected to that generation through their own work and an innate understanding of what it means to be artists whose work cannot be deemed “conventional” by anyone’s standards. Tony and Nicole have cultivated distinct, individual styles and voices, publishing numerous works through Screamin’ Skull as their journey toward a more rebellious future for literature continues.



Rogue Press is a boutique publishing house founded by a triumvirate of deviant writers who wallow in the melancholia of the scribe to elicit both dolor and cheer. With deep belief in the dialectic, aesthete, and absurd, Rogue Press subscribes to the principles of parrhesia. Rouge isn’t interested in privileged tones of voice or pious drivel. The world is Rouge’s already, catering to the press’s sensibilities. But Rogue is not intrigued by the trashy fatuity that permeates society. Instead, Rogue seeks honest, earnest prose from fractious souls and intriguing poetry from plebians—wry, contemporary voices that reflect our troubled times.


Looking for stories that entertain and provide a good fright, diverse points of view, and thoughtful contemplation of the world? Then read on, read on!


“Good horror … isn’t about gore but about the unexpected … Fuqua is a master of prose … his writing crisp, filled with details that make a story come to life.” ~ Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots

“… a lasting impression on the reader.” ~ Adam Calaway, Sensawunda

“Fuqua’s, then, is a mind that’s not mired in or bogged down by horror, but one that appreciates the possibilities dark fantasy provides in terms of language and ideas, symbol and emotion.”   ~ David Bain, author/editor

More than 30 years in the making, Walking after Midnight ~ Collected Stories is a literary trove that collects 61 stories of critically acclaimed dark fantasy, southern gothic, horror, science fiction, and mainstream fiction, including eight stories with “year’s best” honors—tales that mine the depths of character—how we fail and triumph, accept and reject, and light the darkest recesses of our souls. For more information on Walking after Midnight and the following books now available, please visit my Amazon author’s page.

Other books by C.S. Fuqua now available:

Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget — “For some, it takes a long time to grow up. For Josh, six centuries isn’t enough.” Science fiction meets social satire, set in present-day Hawaii and six centuries into the future.

Hush, Puppy! A Southern Fried Tale — “Ever wonder how fried cornbread came about? I did…” Thus begins the fictional history of how an excitable puppy and a tiny baker create the southern treat, hushpuppies. Illustrations by Beth Young.

Cancer — A collection of poems celebrating the lives of two friends who died from different forms of cancer in 2009.

White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems, Volume I —  Collects more than 200 previously published poems, spanning three decades of C.S. Fuqua’s writing career.

If I Were, I Would!  Embark on fantastic adventures in a whimsical universe of poetry and art where everything is possible. Explore and celebrate the wonderful and diverse world through imagination! Illustrations by Beth Young.

The Swing: Poems of Fatherhood — 2008, EPIC winner for Best Poetry Collection. Poems document intimate moments of a child from birth into adolescence and contemplate the challenges, sacrifices, and rewards of parenting.

Native American Flute Craft ~ Ancient to Modern — An in-depth manual for crafting the Native American flute in all its forms, from the ancient Anasazi flute to the modern two-chamber flute, from the traditional to the drone and more. Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions provide thorough direction in crafting personalized instruments from a variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, and PVC.

Muscle Shoals ~ The Music Capital’s Heyday & Beyond — From Dexter Johnson’s garage studio to James Joiner’s “A Fallen Star,” Tune Records to FAME and Muscle Shoals Sound studios, Aretha Franklin to the Rolling Stones and the Black Keys, from the beginning to present day—Muscle Shoals: The Hit Capital’s Heyday & Beyond is an updated, expanded version of Music Fell on Alabama, the original book-length history of the Muscle Shoals music industry, first published in 1991, chronicling the cooperation of black and white producers and artists during one of the most volatile times in U.S. race relations, cooperation that produced many of the most celebrated and enduring songs of all time.

The Native American Flute: Myth, History, Craft distinguishes flute myth from flute fact, detailing development and use of the native flute and the erroneous myths that have emerged regarding its use and purpose. The book’s final section provides instruction on crafting both the ancient, end-blown native flute and the modern native flute.


Get some ear candy!

WindPoem Native American flute album series 


WindPoem’s Bandcamp page

Ancestors ~ WindPoem IV ~ Native American Flute Meditations is the fourth album in the WindPoem series of flute meditations, now available in digital and CD formats, featuring nine Native American flute instrumentals—53 minutes of music—perfect for meditation and relaxation. View the trailer on Youtube. Preview the entire album at Bandcamp. Purchase from Bandcamp, Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, GooglePlay, and others. Stream on Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and other services. Chris is available for musical and historical presentations regarding the Native American flute. For more information, please contact him at fuqua.cs@gmail.com.


Are you into the music of Mike Oldfield or Andreas Vollenweider?

Then this 5-song EP is right for you.


Sinner’s Suite musically explores life’s stages through the elements of jazz, New Age, meditative, progressive, Americana, and indigenous music styles, utilizing guitar, Native American flute, bass, percussion, and synthesizer. Cover image photography by Tegan R. Fuqua. Preview the album at BandCampSinner’s Suite is available from iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, CD Baby, streaming services, and other online digital music services.


Stop by my blog for articles on an assortment of subjects. Here’s a sampling of recent posts:

Think the Native American Flute is Strictly a Man’s Instrument? Think Again

Need a laugh?

Native American flutes have always been known primarily as “love flutes” or “courting flutes” and were generally played for no other reason than courting rituals by a young man serenading his intended bride, although some men played them for their wives as a sign of love.

The above statement—paraphrased from an “authentic” Native American flute history and instrument website—is baloney, indicative of the uninformed, misogynistic belief of many, if not a majority, modern Native American flute fans, crafters, and musicians. Rather than research and discover the flute’s rich background, they’ve adapted the love flute myth as history—that the flute was developed as a courting tool for men only—while ignoring the instrument’s true background and multitude of uses by native people. When confronted with reality, they respond with claptrap like the following halfwitted comment in an online native flute forum: “Granted, everyone had their own traditions and norms about flutes, and I’m sure someone will jump in here and say ‘oh sure, women have always played flute in my tribe.’ But as a generality women were kind of kept off the business end of a flute.”

Sadly, most Americans of both native and immigrant heritage have been brainwashed to believe certain stereotypes and false “history” of early native life, especially that of native women, stereotypes created by early European invaders and perpetuated in magazines, books, and, later, movies. When the native flute’s popularity surged in the mid-twentieth century, accepted stereotypes did what they do best—smothered the instrument’s true history with nonsense. READ MORE…

NonArrowedFlute copy

The Pretendian Phenomenon

“Brother’s got high cheekbones!”

“Sister’s hair’s jet black and straight!”

“Granddaddy looks like Geronimo!”

I’ve heard it all my life—relatives claiming Native American ancestry. Officially, we’re white, “but we got Indian blood in us from way back,” so they say. In 2015, a Pew Research Center study revealed that at least half of all U.S. adults who identify as multiracial are whites claiming Native American ancestry—that’s 8.5 million people! In a 2016 Fusion.net article, Native Peoples magazine editor Taté Walker pointed out the obvious. For that many whites to have Native American ancestry, American Indians would have to be “getting it on with everybody.”

Some claims of native ancestry are legitimate. Most others, not so much—and there’s a name for the people making them: Pretendians. READ MORE…

NonArrowedFlute copy

Old Man, Look at My Life

Insecurity and salvation.

These two themes recur often, yet unplanned, in the fiction and poetry I write. They usually emerge from a character’s self-doubt, countered by an unrealistic belief that situations, no matter how awful or threatening, will eventually turn out okay, that adversity will ultimately surrender to peace. But why do these particular themes keep showing up?

A few years ago, a political disagreement with my father ignited in him a firestorm of condemnation of other cultures and races—never mind the mixed racial heritage of my spouse and our daughter. Communication ended abruptly in mutual expletives. After more than five decades, he and I were finally done. I figured I’d never hear from him again, that the next time I visited him would be at his graveside.

The relationship with my father has always been tenuous at bestI felt safe with him only once—in 1958 as he carried me through the hospital parking lot on my way to a tonsillectomy. I was two. Fear soon obliterated that initial sense of safety, thanks to repeated episodes of rage, from verbal abuse and an eagerness to fight, to animal cruelty and domestic violence, a few incidents recounted in my published fiction. READ MORE…


Free Downloads

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  • Johnny,” a poem from the audio version of White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems
  • Chicken Lips,” a poem from the audio version of the children’s book If I Were, I Would!
  • Frogger,” an instrumental from WindPoem I, Native American Flute Meditations

Older downloads still available:

  • Podcast featuring the short story “Screamer
  • Podcast featuring the short story “Rise Up” 
  • Bonus: “Aqualung,” an audio play consisting of narration and the songs “Aqualung,” “Slipstream,” and “Locomotive Breath.” All narration and songs written by Ian Anderson and Jenny Anderson and are covered here to celebrate Jethro Tull, the band that adopted a 17th century, grizzled, European farmer/inventor’s name as its own. Cymbals on “Aqualung” provided by Tegan Fuqua. Drums on “Aqualung” provided by Apple’s Bandcamp. Piano and drums on “Locomotive Breath” provided by two kind, anonymous souls on the internet. Public domain sound effects (wind, park, etc.) provided by Freesound.org and Garageband. All other instrumentation by C.S. Fuqua.


Coming in yonder time…

Several literary projects and the fifth WindPoem album are now underway. WindPoem V will feature soothing instrumentals of both solo Native American flute and Native American flute complemented by other instruments such as guitar and percussion.


Do you like to craft beautiful things?

If you’re into crafting things that make pretty sounds, check out my instructional video on Youtube, detailing how to craft a PVC Native American flute cheaply and quickly, using basic tools. Instructions can be adapted for other materials, such as wood and bamboo. 


Editing and Publishing Services for the independent writer


If you’re an independent writer in need of professional editing and publishing services, stop by Cooperative Ink where you can get professional, affordable help on every aspect of publishing, from simple proofing to line editing, rewriting, ghostwriting, cover design, book layout, and publishing on various electronic and print platforms. While you’re there, browse the superb work by Cooperative Ink’s coalition of artists, writers, and musicians from around the world, featuring a diverse selection of games, books, music, and more. 


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