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Many thanks to The Maynard for including me along with poet Adrienne Gruber in the Fall 2017 issue’s “Inter-” section where I blather on about writing, inspiration, and a wonderful banana concoction for those who need to watch sugar intake but don’t want to give up the decadent taste or consistency of ice cream. Please check out the magazine, every issue filled with extraordinary work by some of the best poets publishing today.


Five-time Year’s Best short fiction

Four-time Year’s Best “honorable mention” short fiction

EPIC Year’s Best Poetry Collection


Infinite ~ WindPoem V ~ Native American Flute Meditations now available

Infinite is the latest album in the WindPoem series, featuring nearly 68 minutes of Native American flute and World Fusion music perfect for meditation and relaxation. Nine Native American flute instrumentals and four multi-instrument cuts highlight the versatility of the Native American flute. Preview the album at Infinite is available at the following retailers and streaming services. The best deal is the Bandcamp download in which alternate versions of the nine Native American flute instrumentals are included free. The best CD deal is from Kunaki.

Digital and CD sales


The iTunes WindPoem store:  


Good books, great music:

  • Native American Flute Craftan in-depth, workbench manual for crafting the Native American flute in all its forms, perfect for the beginner through pro levels. More information on the WindPoem page.
  • Ancestors ~ WindPoem IV ~ Native American Flute Meditations, 53 minutes of music, nine instrumentals perfect for meditation and relaxation.
  • Walking after Midnight ~ Collected Storieswith eight “year’s best” honors, has something for every reader in your life, from dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction to slipstream, southern gothic, and literary. 
  • Stream C.S. Fuqua’s WindPoem albums and Sinner’s Suite EP on Pandora and Spotify.
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  • License Chris’s music for your projects at C.S. Fuqua ~ WindPoem
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C.S. Fuqua “writes … with sensitivity and grace … compelling, honest.” ~ Bob Keeshan, TV’s “Captain Kangaroo”

“Good horror … isn’t about gore but about the unexpected … Fuqua is a master of prose. I found his writing crisp, filled with details that make a story come to life.” ~ Diabolical Plots

“…[R]eminded me a bit of Manly Wade Wellman’s Silver John stories. I can think of no better praise than that.” ~ SFRevu

“…a lasting impression on the reader.” ~ Sensawunda

“Wry wit on socio-political problems …” ~

“C S Fuqua handles the themes of love and death with beautiful simplicity: what else is there to life?” ~ Kalyna Review

“With an eye for the particular and an ear for the music of everyday life, C. S. Fuqua shares with readers his brave and lyrical view of human experience.” ~ Dr. Wendy Galgan, Editor, Assisi Literary Magazine

“…a feeling of hope and the certainty that happiness and goodness are still out there.” ~ Cynthia Harris, author

“… gritty, insightful, humorous, tragic, and celebratory …” ~ Jonathan K. Rice, Editor, Iodine Poetry Journal

“Fuqua’s, then, is a mind that’s not mired in or bogged down by horror, but one that appreciates the possibilities dark fantasy provides in terms of language and ideas, symbol and emotion.” ~ David Bain, author/editor

“…thought-provoking and interesting …” ~ Suanne Schafer, Editor, Empty Sink Publishing

“… a wonderful job of creating compelling, well-drawn characters …” Mike Suchcicki, author/editor/digital designer & producer

“C.S. Fuqua is a first-class [Native American] flute builder and flute musician …” ~ Dick Claassen, Native American flute musician and author of numerous Native American flute instructional manuals

Ancestors ~ WindPoem IV ~ Native American Flute Meditations is now available through Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and others. It’s streamable through internet music services, including Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, and others. The album features nine Native American flute instrumentals—53 minutes of music—perfect for meditation and relaxation. View the trailer on Youtube. Preview the entire album at Bandcamp.

Ancestors instrumentals feature Tegan Fuqua on percussion and C.S. Fuqua on wooden and bamboo Native American flutes, both single-barrel and double-barrel (drone) flutes custom-crafted by C.S. Fuqua. In keeping with tradition, some tunes incorporate nature and other ambient background sounds. “Grandfather” also features a Hang tank drum. Several cuts include contrabass flute that may not be rendered adequately through laptop speakers and some earbuds due to speaker low frequency limitations.

Ancestors is available from Createspace  and in CD format for $10.95 plus shipping and Kunaki for a low $5 plus shipping. For the best CD price, Kunaki is the place to go—the total cost of CD plus shipping less than the Amazon and Createspace CD base price! 

The digital album is available for download from Bandcamp and Kunaki for $8 and other prices from iTunes, Amazon, and others. 

Stream Ancestors on Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, and a host of other online radio services.

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Walking after Midnight short fiction collection

~ A Vietnam veteran whose mother’s love proves worse than captivity…

~ A musician who employs music to resurrect his dead wife…

 ~ A boy who flees an abusive father to land in a circle of demented faeries…

~ An Iraqi War vet who discovers compassion in a tortured, decaying phooka…

~ A sexual assault victim who burns for her victimizers…

~ An angel, wounded and imprisoned by a father desperate for divine healing of his physically and mentally deformed daughter…

~ A suicidal woman who discovers salvation in a Tokyo street vendor’s box…

More than 30 years in the making, Walking after Midnight is a literary trove, collecting 61 tales of critically acclaimed dark fantasy, southern gothic, science fiction, horror, and mainstream fiction that mine the depths of character–how we fail and triumph, accept and reject others and ourselves, and light the darkest recesses of our souls.

On sale now at in paperback and Kindle formats and now available in paperback through most bookstores. Get a 20 percent discount if you order through Createspace. Use the code NA8BMLHK at checkout.


Fiction (Click on linked titles to read excerpts)

  • Walking after Midnight: now available, 61 collected stories of dark fantasy, southern gothic, horror, mainstream, and science fiction.
  • Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget: a time-travel, science-fiction social satire, set in Hawaii, both present-day and six centuries into the future.
  • Wolfshadow: Co-authored with Robert Edward Graham. A dystopian novel of time travel and the epic battle to save humanity between Wolfshadow and a demented god. Limited edition no longer available.
  • Hush, Puppy! A Southern Fried TaleEver wonder how fried cornbread came about? I did... Children’s fantasy picture book, detailing the fantastic origin of cornbread hushpuppies.
  • Rise Up: Short fiction collection, now out of print.
  • Trust Walk: short fiction collection, now out of print.
  • Butterflies Die: audio novel, currently unavailable.
  • Flight of the Omni: audio novel, currently unavailable.
  • Deadlines: audio novel, currently unavailable.
  • Death in Service: audio novel, currently unavailable.

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Nonfiction (Click on linked titles to read excerpts)

  •  Native American Flute Craft ~ Ancient to Modern: In-depth, workbench manual for crafting the Native American flute in all its forms.
  • The Native American Flute: Myth, History, Craft: Through exhaustive research, TNAF:MHC explores the native flute’s place in ancient and modern American cultures.
  • Muscle Shoals ~ The Music Capital’s Heyday & BeyondAn updated, expanded version of Music Fell on Alabama, the original book-length history of the Muscle Shoals music industry.
  • Notes to My Becca: Celebrating the joy of becoming a father, from his daughter’s first breath to first feedings, first words, first steps, and beyond.
  • Alabama Musicians ~ Musical Heritage from the Heart of Dixie: A history of “musical” Alabama and its contributions to folk music, jazz, country, rock and more.
  • Divorced Dads ~ Real Stories of Facing the ChallengeUnusual glimpse into the lives and relationships of extraordinary divorced fathers, now out of print.
  • Music Fell on Alabama: The first book-length history of the Muscle Shoals, Alabama, recording industry. Revised, updated, and reissued as Muscle Shoals ~ The Music Capital’s Heyday & Beyond.

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Poetry (Click on linked titles to read excerpts)

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