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Bonnie Lynne ~ A Tribute

Music written for Bonnie over the last five decades

Bonnie Lynne is comprised of a small sampling of the music I’ve composed over the last five decades, inspired by or written specifically for Bonnie, my best friend and partner since age 15 who succumbed to cancer 28 October 2022. All proceeds from sales are donated to Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. Or make a donation of $10 or more directly to the cancer research organization of your choice, notify me with proof of donation at, and I will provide you with a download link for a free digital copy of the album plus extras. ~ C.S. Fuqua

Preview the entire album through the Bandcamp player below:

Killing the Buddha ~ Jazz Fusion

Killing the Buddha, C.S. Fuqua’s 12th album, premiers 29 February 2024, featuring jazz fusion, an eclectic blend of Americana, bluegrass, folk, jazz, and rock into something to set your toes tapping and mind tripping. Available form most music retailers and streaming platforms.

Mandostopheles now available ~ World Jazz to soothe

Mandostopheles is C.S. Fuqua’s eleventh album in a series featuring seven solo native flute albums and four multi-instrument world jazz albums. Mandostopheles, like his previous albums, utilizes various ethnic instruments from around the world, primarily the Native American Flute, adding an ethereal element that’s familiar yet brand new and exciting.” Available through most streaming services and digital music retailers. Listen free and purchase at the best price anywhere at Bandcamp.

The WindPoem ~ Native American Flute Meditations series is now available for purchase and streaming. Perfect for meditation and relaxation, the albums feature wood and bamboo Native American flutes accompanied by Hang drum, traditional drum, and nature sounds. 

Different Direction

License WindPoem music for your project

Need good music for your media project or promotional campaign? License WindPoem/C.S. Fuqua music from Pond5. Visit my storefront by clicking on the Pond5 logo. Or contact me at for licensing information.

With Homeward, C.S. Fuqua returns to the soulful power of solo native flute that made his first six WindPoem albums favorites among those seeking relaxing, meditative music. Although a return to the traditional sound of solo flute, Homeward selections are more structured than earlier WindPoem instrumentals, combining traditional sound and harmonies with modern structure and percussion. Stream the album on most streaming platforms, including Pandora, Deezer, and Spotify, or purchase it from Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, or many other online music retailers.

Within the Mystic, the eighth WindPoem release, has now been remastered for superior sound quality, featuring Native American flute on most of the twelve cuts. The album is an eclectic conspiracy of musical styles and genres, ultimately blending into what can be best called world jazz, comprised of acoustic, electronic, and electric instruments and featuring the indigenous Native American flute on numerous cuts. It is a compilation of contemplative, playful, and heartening music. I hope you enjoy the album and find as much value in listening to the different pieces as I found in writing and recording them. Available from Bandcamp, Apple Music,, and more, and streaming via Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and most other music streaming services. Thank you for supporting my work.

Different Direction, the seventh WindPoem album release, representing a different direction in WindPoem music, has now been remastered for superior sound quality. Different Direction features multi-instrument compositions, blending the music styles of Native American flute, rock, bluegrass, blues, jazz, and folk into an inspirational World Jazz sound. Available from Bandcamp, Apple Music,, and more, and streaming via Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and most other music streaming services.

Short Story Today is a weekly podcast produced and hosted by Jon DiSavino and features C.S. Fuqua’s song “Bad Joke” as the opening theme for each show. Each weekly episode features an audiobook-style reading of a story, accompanied by commentary about the story and author. Jon is an actor and stage director. In the last few years he has begun producing and narrating audiobooks for He has recently launched a YouTube channel for actors and directors titled ACT HOW, which will feature videos that illustrate a range of approaches to performing, with an emphasis on the text. Please visit his website for more information.

WindPoem music can be streamed through most streaming platforms, including Pandora, Spotify, and Deezer. Music can be purchased and/or streamed from Bandcamp as well. All flutes featured on WindPoem recordings were handcrafted by C.S. Fuqua.

Preview and stream all WindPoem/C.S. Fuqua music at Pandora. fuqua/AR67vz3dmq9nxzP

Native American Style Flute Crafting

C.S. Fuqua has been researching, playing, and crafting Native American style flutes for three decades, authoring three books on native flute history and craft, and marketing his bamboo, wood, and PVC flutes to musicians worldwide. He is semi-retired from crafting now, but occasionally crafts a flute he offers for sale. Please inquire if interested. Flutes are handcrafted from naturally-downed bamboo, budget-priced PVC pipe, and sustainable wood. WindPoem flutes are available in a variety of keys. Chris crafts flutes to order. Contact him for more information if you’re interested in purchasing a custom flute.

Though the origin of the Native American flute is shrouded in mystery, flutes were common to Native American nations and played by women, men, and children in various activities. Unlike ancient native flutes, crafted and tuned uniquely by the craftsman, modern Native American flutes are tuned in the standard pentatonic scale. Offering a thorough exploration of the flute’s history and craft, Native American Flute ~ A Comprehensive Guide is available through most bookstores. The book provides a detailed account of the Native American flute’s history and complete step-by-step, illustrated instructions for crafting both ancient and modern versions of the flute.

Make your own Native American style flute

If you’d like to create your own native flute in PVC, check out the how-to video below. Please note that the sound hole measurement listed in the video is incorrect. Instead of placement at 40 cm, it should be placed 14 cm. For your convenience, instructions are listed below the video.

This flute is in the key of F#. With all fingers holes closed, the note that will play is F#. Cut the PVC pipe longer than needed. Shorten the barrel incrementally, testing often, to attain the fundamental F#

Materials and tools:
• good quality dust mask
• guitar tuner with built-in microphone
• fine-tooth handsaw
• high-speed drill or rotary tool such as Dremel
• 1/8-inch drill bit or rotary tool bit
• flat and rounded needle files (1/4-inch or less width)
• standard flat file
• fine grade sandpaper
• 3/4-inch diameter PVC
• 3/4-inch diameter cork
• 1/8-inch or 1/16-inch hobby wood
• 2-inch x 2-inch x 3/4-inch wood (for fetish)
• rubber band or leather tie


PVC pipe:
• 3/4-inch diameter
• 55 cm long

Placement of air and sound holes, measuring from head (blowing end) to hole center. Make initial hole no larger than 1/8-inch:
• air hole 12.2 cm
• sound hole 14 cm

Placement of finger holes, measuring from flute foot (opposite head) to hole center. Make initial hole no larger than 1/8-inch. All finger holes closed — F# (after drilling sound & air holes, shorten the sound barrel incrementally to attain fundamental note)
• All finger holes closed — F# (after drilling sound & air holes, shorten the sound barrel incrementally to attain fundamental note)
• 1 12.8 cm — A
• 2 15.8 cm — B
• 3 18.7 cm — C#
• 4 22 cm — Eb
• 5 24.85 cm — F
• 6 27.7 cm — G

Multi-Barrel Flute System

After years of making Native American flutes, Chris wondered if a system of interchangeable flute barrels utilizing one head would offer a quicker, more cost-effective method for Native American flutes crafted with PVC. The PVC system he developed utilizes a single head for two or more interchangeable barrels of different keys. The system provides key versatility while cutting costs and time expended on the more tedious construction of a fipple/fetish/head for each flute. The system he crafts includes the keys of E, F, F#, and G. With early models, he crafted a slide-on PVC fetish like that pictured in the graphic, but he prefers a conventional tie-on fetish for a cleaner, stronger sound. Many thanks to good friend, writer, and musician Dick Claassen for creating the flute system chart. If you’d like to make your own flute system, order the how-to booklet Craft a Multi-Barrel Native American Style Flute at, available from most bookstores.

Custom Flutes

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom Native American style flute in wood or PVC, please inquire. Bamboo is currently extremely in limited quantities. Although he has retired from flute crafting, he still occasionally crafts a flute he offers for sale.

Wooden flutes available in the keys of E, F, F#, and G. Prices begin at $100 plus shipping for basic design flute and fetish. Custom fetishes add to the cost considerably, in many instances doubling it. The sound quality is the most important factor in all flutes. Flutes with a basic fetish sound as good as flutes with a custom-carved fetish. The goal is to craft instruments that sound their best, whether they are basic or ornate in design. Prices below include only the basic fetish.

PVC standard flute in E, F, F#, G, A—Start at $40 plus shipping

PVC Low C#, D, D#—$50 plus shipping

PVC single head/multi-barrel system—available barrel keys E, F, F#, and G:

  • 2-barrel system: $60 plus shipping
  • 3-barrel system: $80 plus shipping
  • 4-barrel system: $100 plus shipping

Orders & Inquiries

To inquire about flute availability or to place an order, email Chris. Chris no longer accepts custom orders but will occasionally offer flutes for sale.

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