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Killing the Buddha ~ Jazz Fusion

On the heels of Mandostopheles comes Killing the Buddha, an eclectic collection of music traditions into what can be best described as World Jazz Fusion. The latest album from Las Cruces-based musician and author C.S. Fuqua relies heavily on music traditions such as Americana, jazz, folk, rock, and ethnic, but the songs individually defy categorization.

“They’re music — pretty good music,” Fuqua says, “for listeners to either like or dislike based on their own personal musical preference, not some algorithm or corporate programmer’s focus on dollar signs.”

Like his previous albums, Killing the Buddha utilizes various ethnic instruments from around the world, especially the Native American flute for its “soulful sound, both as a solo instrument and accompanying instrument,” Fuqua says, “adding an ethereal element that’s familiar yet brand new and exciting.”

The album’s title comes from the Zen koan, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him,” generally interpreted as humanity’s propensity to objectify holy figures, an attempt to reduce enlightenment to an intellectual or philosophical understanding.

“The only assertion the album itself makes,” Fuqua says, “is that music is one of life’s best achievements — a good time for ears and mind.”

Killing the Buddha is Fuqua’s twelfth album. Seven in the series feature solo native flute and five multi-instrument world jazz. Fuqua utilizes native flutes he has custom-crafted. He is the author of Native American Flute ~ A Comprehensive Guide ~ Craft & History as well numerous other books, with work forthcoming from Tuxtails Publishing and Flick-It-Books in 2024, as well as another world jazz album.

For more information on Fuqua’s music and books, visit http://csfuqua.com. To preview Killing the Buddha and his other albums in full, visit http://csfuqua.bandcamp.com. His music is available on most sales and streaming platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora.